Burning Dolls in Ueno Park

I wandered into Ueno park with every intention of spending a quiet afternoon watching pandas and penguins at the zoo. I started the day with a visit to the statue of Takamori Saigo, the legendary Ronin then wandered among the various shrines and temples located in the park. I paused briefly at the Kaneiji Kiyomizudo […]

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JBall: A Real Japanese Pennant Race

It was the middle of a heated pennant race, and there were only three games left in the season when we decided take in a Japanese baseball game. We boarded the train to the Tokyo Dome (aka The Big Egg) with no tickets and no plan. The trip to the stadium itself was more complex […]

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Gin Margaritas in Roppongi

“…The Chinese over there in China, they was all wantin’ to eat macaroni and cheese. Don’t you think that kind of odd, what with all the Chinese food they got?” – From the movie┬áMystery Train One of the joys of travel is to experience a favorite cuisine first-hand. Even the best ethnic restaurant seems to […]

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Towel Incident At The Westin Tokyo

I blame Douglas Adams for what happened during our last two days in Tokyo. It’s because of him that we always take towels with us whenever we travel. Sure, the Westin Tokyo has towels, but we were unsure of what to expect from the budget ryokan on our side-trip to Kyoto. As a result, we […]